Extend the Legacy
Celebrating our history as a family of faith by preserving God's house for future generations.

Our Shared History
St. Pauls has a wonderful history that dates back to 1882. Our forefathers had many challenges to overcome when they decided to move from their church home on 2nd street and build our current facility in 1962. Then in 2002, we built the Family Life Center to expand our ministry to young families beyond our well respected pre-school to include a state of the art Child Care Center. 

It is now our opportunity to "Extend the Legacy" of all those who came before us by supporting this Campaign in 2012, some 130 years later. As the campaign mission statement clearly states we are:

"Celebrating our history as a family of faith by preserving God's house for future generations."

Below you may download:
  • Our Informational Brochure
  • A printable pledge card

Here's the Plan

Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Estimated cost - $240,000
  • Boiler is antique
  • Parts are hard to find
  • Lacks efficiency
  • One A/C cooler no longer works
  • Roof units over classrooms included

Flat Roof Replacement
  • Estimated cost - $210,000
  • Leaks are a continuing problem
  • Even the Sanctuary is affected
  • 15 year roof guarantee is about out of date
  • We need a longer life expectancy for the roof

Parking Lot Repair or Replacement
  • Estimated cost - $93,000
  • Cost depends on repair or replacement
  • The current condition is dangerous and unsightly

Fireside Room Remodel
  • Estimated cost - $20,000
  • Completely outdated
  • Used for weddings and funerals, new member meetings and various groups within the church
  • Very important for first impressions

Library Remodel
  • Estimated cost - $6,500
  • Updated decore
  • New tables and chairs
  • Place for historical keepsakes
  • Expanded uses

Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall Technology
  • Estimated cost - $30,000
  • The sound system is outdated
  • Add a drop down screen in the sanctuary
  • The upgrades will help attract younger families
  • Better utilization of the fellowship hall