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Taking Faith Home - April 24th, 2016

posted Apr 23, 2016, 8:02 PM by St Pauls Lutheran Church

Love one another.

Scripture Verse for this Week:
But I am giving you a new command. You must love each other, just as I have loved you. If you love each other, everyone will know that you are my disciples. 
John 13:34-35 (CEV)

A prayer for the Week: 
Lord, thank you for your love. Help us to love others. Amen. 

Mealtime Prayer:
For the beauty of the earth, for the glory of the skies; For the love which from our birth over and around us lies; God of all, to you we raise, a prayer of grateful praise. Amen. (From the hymn, "For the Beauty of the Earth")

A Blessing to Give:
May the love of God strengthen you to bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, and endure all things. Amen. 

These readings are related to the Lectionary readings for this Sunday. We invite you to take time each day to read the assigned Bible passages.

Love one another

The greatest commandment

Remaining in Christ’s love

God’s love and ours

Love your enemies

The gift of love

Love your neighbor

The sending of the Counselor